Felonies + Misdemeanors

Defense from Felony, Misdemeanor, Domestic Violence, DUI, Marijuana + Drug Charges

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Eagle + Garfield Counties

We do our very best to protect you from the system, protect your record, reputation.

We can usually control the speed and timing of your case. We can speed up the proceedings or slow it down–depending on your needs.

Sometimes we must manage publicity by speaking with newspapers and television news.

We have very good working relationships with law enforcement and the prosecution.

We investigate facts as alleged, interview witnesses, testing methods, alleged victims and police. We uncover and develop additional facts and evidence, not found by the police and prosecution.

We analyze legal issues regarding your constitutional rights, procedures and seek dismissal based upon flaws in police procedure, faulty testing and investigation by law enforcement, mistakes in charging of crimes and failure of the prosecution to construct a complete case.

We identify and examine all available legal defenses.

  • Determine and advise you on all possible penalties, including jail time, sentence options, license revocation or restrictions.
  • Determine the constitutional basis of the police contact.
  • Determine whether evidence was properly obtained.
  • Work to preserve exculpatory (favorable) evidence.
  • Obtain all relevant discovery-reports, criminal record, and evidence from police, witnesses and chemical testing.
  • Verify whether chemical testing of substances was properly performed and whether you were properly advised.
  • Determine whether the prosecution has preserved its evidence.
  • Determine whether the prosecution meets all necessary elements of the charges.
  • Analyze all the facts and law to develop a legal opinion on whether the charges are defensible.
  • Review with the client the risks and benefits of going to trial. Whether trial is feasible in consideration of the strength of the client’s evidence, the prosecution evidence and the nature of the charges and possible penalties.
  • Analyze and advise regarding the feasibility of trial or plea bargain, based upon the quality of evidence.
  • Control the speed and timing of court dates to fit your circumstances.
  • Identify all aggravating and mitigating factors.
  • Meet with the district attorney to determine the quality of evidence for and against you, along with factors that help or harm your case.
  • Appear with you at court and ensure your rights are protected.
  • If a plea bargain is reached, we prepare to argue for the most favorable sentence possible.
  • If trial is the best option, we make the prosecution try to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt and present all admissible evidence to disprove the charges.