Criminal Defense

Defense from Felony, Misdemeanor, Domestic Violence, DUI, Marijuana + Drug Charges

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Eagle + Garfield Counties

At Erik Johnson Law Offices we consider each client’s overall needs and are concerned with the effects of the criminal charges upon every aspect of their lives. We consider the impact and management of your finances, recovery, employment, medical and family issues.

We are dedicated to protecting your rights and if needed to reduce penalties. Our effectiveness is a result of our commitment to our clients. In some cases, the best strategy may be to engage in successful negotiations with prosecutors. In other cases, forceful legal strategy in a courtroom may be the best option. Call now for a discussion of your case and the strategies that may apply to your circumstances.

We have experience handling all types of criminal cases, including, but not limited to: assault, theft, fraud, domestic violence, DUI, marijuana and other drug possession and distribution, felony menacing, arson, vehicular assault and serious traffic violations such as reckless driving. Please don’t hesitate to call us for any crime not listed here in Eagle County, Garfield County, Vail, Eagle, Glenwood Springs and other towns in these counties.

  • In our legal system, everyone is entitled to a fair trial.
  • All defendants are innocent until proven guilty.
  • Unfortunately, law enforcement officials and prosecutors often ignore this when filing charges or questioning people who have been accused of a crime.
  • Do not stand for unfair treatment if you’re facing criminal charges.
  • Never assume your case is a lost cause.
  • We examine all possible defenses ranging from your constitutional rights upon police contact, how evidence was obtained, procedural rules and feasibility of trial.
  • We equally respect all people who contact us without regard to their financial circumstances or criminal history.

Going to Trial to Prove Innocence in Eagle + Garfield Counties in Colorado

Attorney Defense For Criminal Trial

A trial in a criminal case is essential when the citizen is innocent, necessary when there is no reasonable resolution (dismissal or fair plea bargain), or when any of the consequences will have catastrophic effects. We have extensive experience in trying cases with an excellent record.

How to Resolve a Criminal Charge in Eagle + Garfield Counties

Plea Bargaining in a Colorado Criminal Defense Case

Determining if a Plea Bargain is Necessary or Possible

Settling a criminal case is usually called a plea bargain. It means that the prosecution and the defense come to an agreement to resolve the case. The case can be settled at several points during the process, from before it is charged all the way to trial. Usually, however, the best bargain can be obtained earlier rather than later in the process. But "usually" doesn't mean "always". In many cases it is a question that should be analyzed immediately so that good opportunities to settlement aren't given up because of pride or inattention.

Is a Plea Bargain the Best Choice?

Part of a lawyer's job is to make sure the client is making good life decisions. You can't do that as an attorney until you understand the client, the client's goals, the case, the likelihood of conviction and the consequences to the client if convicted. A conviction for DUI, for instance, may have minimal consequences for the life of one person but might be the end of a career or job for another person. A petty theft conviction is career ending for a police officer but may mean no time, no fine, and minimal life consequences for another person in a different job or life situation. This analysis is vital and should be done as early in the case as possible.

Getting the Best Plea Bargain Offer

The factors that enter into a prosecutor's decision to make a "plea bargain offer" include the strength or weakness of the evidence, how awful or minimal the facts appear, the prior record of the accused, and the potential of bad publicity or public criticism. A competent lawyer can understand the power of all these factors and give the client a good assessment of what the client can expect to get as a settlement.