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Success from over 30 Years of Legal Experience on the Western Slope, Eagle, Garfield + Mesa Counties

Successful Case Outcomes

Erik Johnson Law Offices has secured hundreds of successful case results for citizens in Eagle, Vail, Vail Valley, Minturn, Avon, Edwards, Glenwood Springs and surrounding areas and counties.

Felony Stalking Jury Trial
Felony Illegal Weapons
Car Accident Settlement
Felony Drug Possession
Domestic Violence Jury Trial
Vehicular Homicide
Felony Assault
Sexual Assault
Armed Robbery
Assault Trial
Fire Insurance Trial
Homicide/Gang Related
Felony Vehicular Assault
Careless Driving Resulting in Death
Policy Limits
Wrongful Death

Success from over 60 Years of Combined Legal Experience on the Western Slope, Eagle, Garfield + Mesa Counties

Client Testimonials


Erik was there for me 25 years ago when I was having trouble. He was here to help me through difficulties again this year.

G & B

Erik Johnson litigated a very large case for us and helped us save our business and our home.

Dave K.

Mr. Johnson kept me out of jail with his skill and hard work. Without him, my life would have been ruined.

Terry S.

Mr. Johnson has a very broad and deep understanding of nearly every area of law. This enabled him to win my case.

Cindy K.

Erik and his staff are kind and compassionate. They had great patience and listened to my side when no one else would.

Brian N.

Erik Johnson is the smartest, most capable lawyer I have met. He won a large case for me and helped me get justice.

Cathy L.

Mr. Johnson was by my side during the worst times of my life and he protected me from disaster.

Tim B.

Erik, thanks for talking with me today you put a smile on face.  A year ago I was told by a lawyer here in town that I could not do bankruptcy because I made too much money. Thank you again I will start to fill out the paperwork.

Trevor B.

Erik’s Advice and explanations of the law and directions on what we needed to do were clear and precise. He was right about every issue.

Richard and Jean

Mr. Johnson’s firm gave us complete service. The process was made easy. We thought it would be difficult and stressful, but they made it actually a good experience that changed our lives for the better.

Jen P.

Erik Johnson and his assistants delivered much more than was promised. They are the best professionals. I recommend them.

Carol G.

Mr. Johnson and his staff are the most professional and responsive law office I have worked with. They took care of every matter and answered every question immediately.

Stephanie M.

Mr. Johnson cares about his clients and he cared about me. He helped me through my legal problems with kindness.

Kyle. T.

Erik is very knowledgeable. He understood my issues immediately and solved them.