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Erik A. Johnson



Erik Johnson is dedicated to defending your rights. His legal experience includes but is not limited to: bankruptcy, serious felonies; misdemeanors such as DUI, harassment, domestic violence, theft and many more. Erik is committed to providing the best legal representation for his clients, and maintains the highest rate of client satisfaction due in large part to his exceptional work ethic, diligence and overall concern for his client’s interests and well-being. Erik practices and lives his strongly held commitment to treating everyone with equal respect especially when clients are dealing with difficult legal issues.


Mr. Johnson has a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Denver Sturm School of Law and degrees in journalism, history and education from the Pennsylvania State University system while working full-time. He was awarded honors for scholarship as an undergrad and in law school.


Mr. Johnson is a steadfast advocate in court, and while litigating cases and appeals at a steady rate for over 25 years, has built a good rapport with judges and attorneys throughout the Colorado and Federal Court systems. Erik was a partner in a front range law firm for over 25 years, presented civil rights claims, was a contractor for the US Dept. of Justice and handled construction and surety claims. His education and experience have given him particular skills in legal research and argument. Erik Johnson has appeared on television news and interviewed in newspapers regarding his high profile or constitutional cases and general explanation of the law. He has been rated as a preeminent lawyer by Martindale-Hubbell.

Outside of Law

Erik has been a lifeling advocate for social and economic justice, clean air, water and alternative energy. In his free time Erik enjoys spending time with family, enjoys the outdoors and building things that require woodworking, welding, masonry and heavy equipment.

Debra Bullock



Debra has been a professional for 31 years and a specialist focusing on bankruptcy preparation for the past 11 years. She has expertise in identifying, collecting and organizing the information required to prepare a complete and successful bankruptcy petition. She also has extensive experience gained from owning several businesses, working for local government, and helping clients deal effectively with legal and general issues. Ms. Bullock is extremely successful in assisting our clients through the legal process with kindness, efficiency and dignity.

Outside of Law

Debra enjoys spending time with her family, outdoor activities and operates a physical training business in addition to her full-time work with our firm.